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The Czech Republic Province of the Moravian Church takes much inspiration from its history and models itself on the church of its forefathers which stood on the apostolic and prophetic foundation. It has developed its vision on the five following values in the course of its history:

A follow-up to the apostolic roots – the choice of church representatives is made in accordance with their inner authority based on their maturity, humility and the ability to understand the current intentions of God.

An authenticity – the credibility of a life that is fully integrated in Christ.

A life of Commitment - the body of Christ, the church, takes care of one another. We take inspiration from the lives of our forefathers, who commited themselves to God especially in two key moments in history - in the mountains of Rychnov in 1464 and in Saxon Hernhutt in 1727. We renewed our commitment to the Lord on November 17 in 2003. It is a promise to God made by His people, who thus commit to follow Jesus Christ day by day. You can find the text of the Commitment here. A result of the Commitment is taking care of each other, which includes admonition and encouragement. For that reason, each member is provided with pastoral care - including congregation administrators and provincial board members. Discipline is established with love so that the lapses of individual members are talked about and the members are encouraged to a remedy. Discipline helps to ensure that each member will realize their mistakes and find the right direction for their lives again.

A focus on the needs of society – besides the personal ministry to members within individual congregations, we founded institutions that are open to our neighbors and fellow citizens (kindergartens, basic schools, nursery and family centers, social institutions for seniors, youth centers etc.). We especially develop activities that relate to various generations and relationships among them. Volunteers from our members are chosen in order to give such service. The Moravian Church connects the Gospel with practical service for everybody.

Bringing Jesus Christ Himself instead of building a denomination – it is our priority to get people to know Jesus Christ through our lives and personal relationships. We want them to see Jesus as the One who loves them and saved them. We do not want to be with them in order to swell the ranks and thus make the church bigger. The local congregations carry the image of the body of Christ, whose head is Jesus Christ Himself. Therefore all members are involved in the ministry of the whole congregation, where everybody can put their originality into effect and hand in hand reveal the life of Christ in both its diversity and unity.

With respect to these values, we do not seek to increase the number of members in the church, but what we do seek is the transformation of our society. There is not a big number of our members, but we gain more and more friends and regular guests through our ministry.

Individual congregations are made up of members whose whole way of life reflects Jesus Christ and bears witness to God who is not known by our nation any more. The major change that happened in the lives of individuals brings internal authority within, and thus makes the message of salvation and redemption credible. Only then can people around us find the mystery of the gospel. Therein we see the fulfillment of our mission. What we expect from our members is to bring up their own children on the basis of Christian values and spiritual and practical ministry in their congregations. We place the emphasis on spiritual maturity in Christ.


If some of the friends and guests of the congregations want to become a part of the denomination, and their lives prove that Jesus Christ is number one, they are baptized and adopted as new members. Admission to the denomination is done through public profession of faith and taking an oath before the congregation. Those, who realize their human helplessness and understand that they cannot bring about life in the power of the Holy Spirit through their own strength, but only through being subjected to His authority and influence, are baptized. Children born to individual members are usually brought by their parents to the assembled congregation for blessing. Parents promise that they will bring up their children responsibly. The baptism of other Christian denominations is recognized. Only members who are part of a local congregation usually take the Holy Communion.


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