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The Moravian Church has adopted as its mission the showing of the dynamic power of the resurrected Jesus Christ with all His gifts through the lives of its members. Taking a cue from Jesus, we want to be a living and powerfully acting Word of God for the present generation, which is reflected in love and in authority.
Local congregations, various civic activities such as family and nursery centers, youth clubs, senior clubs, nursery, primary and secondary schools, education facilities and business activities are considered instruments of this mission. The life of the church does not, therefore, happen, only in Sunday meetings, but also on ordinary weekdays, among the people around.
The self-supporting of the church, which has had the door opened since 2012, will allow us to develop businesses so that we can use the money to support the activities mentioned above.
In all this we are not turning into a socio-economic organization. We primarily remain a church that is not isolated in religious buildings. We have intense relationships with people around and we issue challenges to them with a clear call for transformation of their lives, which started in our lives, as well.
As He rose from the dead, we are convinced that only He is able to speak to today's generations and reveal His mission to them through us.

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