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Our forefathers in the old Moravian church distinguished three groups of members: the "beginners", "thriving" and "heading to perfection". We stick with their tradition and distinguish three groups of members, as well: the "coming", "staying" and "serving". This is not a caste system, but it rather shows the depth of their involvement in the life of the church.
• "The Coming" are those who attend our congregations from time to time and take part in activities and events that we organize. It is not important for us, whether they are believers or not, or how much they agree with Christianity. They come to the events because they like their content and message.
• "The staying" are regular attenders of our congregations and events. They are those who use our spiritual and other services actively and regularly. They live with us in communion, partly participate and many of them voluntarily support our work financially.
• "The serving" are people who use the services of the church, but they are also actively involved in their organization. People of this group are fully involved in the pastoral care of the congregations. They finance the church through donations and collections. The fundamental precondition for "the serving" is full surrender. Only in His strength can we not only serve others but also contribute financially to the work with real joy.
According to current statistics, the Moravian Church in the Czech Republic, has about 50, 900 people who come among us, about 3,750 people who stay with us, and about 800 people who are part of the Moravian Church and actively serve "the staying" and "the coming".

Memebership in the organizations
The Moravian Church in the Czech Republic is a part of the worldwide Unitas Fratrum. It is a member of the Ecumenical Council of Churches and the Czech Bible Society. It cooperates with other Christian organizations.


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